Advertising that creates no sales… Is like a hammer that won’t drive nails

Too often websites and traditional marketing are judged and driven by ego, habit, tradition or fear…not by measured results. It is a huge misappropriation of time and money!


Print media can take time to analyze. However, on the Internet you can know in 24 hours if a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) program is working. With a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program you can know in just a few weeks if your efforts are making a difference.  It starts as simply as setting up your site with free analytics from Goggle. .


Important: Take the time to look at web analytics…it is worth the time!


Next: Remind your staff to ask either of these simple questions every time a customer calls…”Where did you hear about us?” or “What promoted your call?”


Important:  Write down each answer and review them at least once a month! 


Finally, every time you communicate with customers, re-read your words and ask the question, “So What?”…or think what’s in it for them


Important: Advertising is about the customer…not you.

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admin on September 3rd 2008 in Web Strategy

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