“Business success is 1% vision and 99% alignment” – John Collins

“Business success is 1% vision and 99% alignment”
– John Collins, Good to Great
Smart SMARKETING starts with a robust 5-step process called a Strategic Brief that focuses on your sales/marketing efforts. It increases sales, saves money, reduces stress and brings alignment to your organization. It has a proven track record for success. Download White Paper
Good SMARKETING starts by answering the most basic questions that form the foundation of your business. By aligning those answers in you and your team, reaching any goal is faster and less stressful.
Clients often start marketing conversations with the word: “HOW, CAN or WHAT.” My pat response is “WHY.”
Typical Marketing Questions
  • How do I motivate customers to buy more?
  • Can you build me a new website?
  • What Social Media or Digital Marketing is best?
Without understanding what drives those marketing questions, it is tough to offer the right answer.
For example take: “How do I motivate customers to buy more?”
“WHY?” I ask, and they say...
  • I want to separate myself from the competition.
  • I want a bigger market share.
  • I bought a new machine or have unique expertise.
  • The market is dying.
  • My sales are just flat.
  • I want to sell my business.
These are great reasons, but each requires more information and a different strategy. Download White Paper
The HOW is more straightforward to deliver if the WHY is clear.
The “WHYS” are basic:
  • Why does your business exist?
  • Why should clients care?
  • Why do you do care?
Once this clear, you need a process to get your team, suppliers, and customers on board.

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