Smarketing – Marketing Smart

“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of
someone else’s strategy.” ― Alvin Toffler
Start with the end in mind – Franklin Covey
I have been working on more effectively introducing myself. Here it is:
  1. I help manufacturers sell more through strategic “Smarketing”.
  2. It is no longer sales and marketing but “Smarketing”, a combination of both that delivers up to 20% Return On Investment (ROI).
When was the last time you stepped back and thought about your business as it really is today? What is 20% of your business that creates 80% of your income? Where are the threats or opportunities? What should you be focusing on tomorrow?
Like it or not, the way we do business is changing. Ever improving companies like Amazon, UBER, Netflix, Purple Brinks, AirBnB, and YouTube are affecting your customer’s expectations, and what your competition is doing, now and in the future.
To be an effective “Smarketer” I need the client to be clear on who they are and where they are going. It is much easier to move the “sales needle” forward with those two points clear on the map.
We all know strategic thinking is important but often put it off. One excuse is that it takes too much time. My 5-step Strategic Brief takes 3-6 hours over a month’s time. It is a fast, simple and effective way to get started!
This process awakens the sales-generating machine within every business and answers the question “why”, “what” and how” — turning plans into action.

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