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One way to create happy employees is to get them all pulling in the same direction. It will help up your sales-game too! Watch a 10-minute video about a simple two-page management tool that works.
Geoff Johansing of Insurance Company of America is one of the nicest and most competent insurance professionals I know. He works hard to help large companies of 100+ employees by providing complete business insurance solutions. He also offers a wonderful ongoing video blog called Happy Employees because he believes that a happy workplace is a sure-fire way to CONTROL INSURANCE COST.
Here is a quick summary of what I contributed. Watch the video for more details.
A 90 Day Strategic Brief is a simple 2-page tool that does five things:
  1. Clarify – Or memorialize in writing – your organization mission, vision, and values – which is the flagpole or “magic castle” your entire team rallies around. It sets the starting point, the end goal and everyone’s behavior in between.
  2. Uncover – Performing a S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses (inside) – Opportunities, Threats (outside) gets all your “stuff” on the table. Do this with management and in some cases with every department to identify what are the issues affecting your organization today.
  3. Focus – Narrow down all the issues you uncover to just the top three which will make the biggest difference to your business in the next 90 days
  4. Accountability – Assign and map out the tasks to your team and set clear goals so they know – who, what, where, and why – actions you are doing and what you are doing. Check back in 90 days if not sooner!
  5. Measure – If you want something to happen, track and measure it. Design a matrix that can be posted on a wall in a public place so everyone knows what is happening… and what is expected.
At the end of 90 days, review your progress to either get help with what you are tackling or move down the list to the next priority

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