What Are Your Super Powers?

Who do your clients call when the bullets start flying?

Defining your superpower, owning it and communicating it efficiently will make your brand more valuable, generate more sales and build customer loyalty.  
Marketers also call “superpowers” – your unique selling proposition. Wikipedia defines it as  …the unique benefit exhibited by a company, service, product or brand that enables it to stand out from competitors.
There are things you do in business that set you apart from your competition.  I like to call it your “superpower” because it is the one or two things that customers count on about you. It’s what makes you stand out, the secret sauce, the focus that makes you better.
Do you have greater knowledge, deeper experience, abundant creativity, better processes or more persistence… or do you have x-ray vision or a magic lasso to get out of jams? I know you have something that no one else has to solve customers’ problems and create value or you would not be in business. Are you good at getting that message across? It will increase sales and profits when you do.
Everyone has competitors. If asked, does a casual observer, a prospect or good customer know what you do best? Is it possible that they think everyone in your industry is the same? That is a serious problem for client retention if that is the case!
To be an industry leader you must separate yourself from the pack. This means reinforcing your superpowers. They must shine in your written communications, spoken word and actions.
I find reviewing the core values of your business is a good start. Posting these with a simple mission statement on the wall is quite effective in getting your staff on board. Next, check your outward-facing communication, like websites, social media, blog posts, collateral and branding elements to see if they clearly promote your superpower(s) too.
What’s your superpower?  What makes you stand out? Give me a call, I would love to know!!

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