How Do Different Age Groups Want To Communicate?

These age groups are more alike than you may think!
When we label, sometimes we divide. The conventional wisdom is that these different generations are vastly different in how they interact with technology….that is not the case.  –  Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content – MarketingSherpa
Communicating with all your clients can be challenging. If you listen to popular marketers, they say to reach ALL your clients you have to be everywhere… the internet, airways and print. That takes a lot of time and resources to do!
I mean, who has time to post blogs, be active on Facebook and LinkedIn, make videos, design print ads, use direct mail, etc. Those are all powerful tools but most small to medium size businesses find it overwhelming to manage… so a business may do nothing, or worse yet, try to do it all, but infrequently. Which means it has no impact.
If time is an issue, studies show that the majority of people in all generations prefer business communication by email. It is not texting, social media, print or YouTube after all!
Do you have an email strategy?
Finding out you can focus on one communication tool may be a relief. Concentrate on writing good marketing emails and newsletters. I suggest to actively collect emails of prospects and customers in a database and build a strategy to communicate with them in a meaningful way. However, don’t overdo it or it will feel like SPAM.

10 suggestions for business emails and newsletters
  1. Create content that prospects want on your website, but require their emails to get.
  2. Make it easy to email you from your website. Keep e-forms to 4 questions.
  3. Always have a strong subject line on emails and newsletters.
  4. If your business email starts to have a long string (lots of emails linked together) change the subject line as the topics change so you can track discussions.
  5. Keep all emails as short as possible.
  6. Present one idea or ask one question per email.
  7. Your writing style should reflect your brand but sound personal and casual.
  8. Emails do not go away. Judge appropriate content by whether it could be printed on the front page of the local newspaper… or presented in court.
  9. Re-post content from your blog to your e-newsletter or visa-versa because people get their news in different ways.
  10. Make your emails and newsletters attractive and mobile friendly.

If you only have time to do one thing well…. let it be email!

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