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Finding Your Peak, Mastering Fear in Business Planning

Speaker: John Thompson



Our guest speaker John Thompson, president of Simpl Mortgage, discusses tried-and-true techniques when it comes to business planning.

My top takeaways:

Thinking Like a Lizard

The reptilian part of our brains – often referred to as the lizard brain — is all about our instinctual behavior, including how we respond to fear. COVID is an example of how our fear of the implications of a pandemic has given us an excuse to avoid making decisions and moving forward. It’s why so many of us are finding it difficult to self-motivate. How to defeat the lizard brain?  Eliminate self-criticism. Be open to new ideas. Instead of avoiding new opportunities, determine to make a plan to embrace them.

Success Can Breed Failure? Oh, the Irony

There is such a thing as “fear of opportunity.” Does success breed resistance? In other words, those who become used to being successful can become so comfortable that they no longer move forward – in other words, complacency. To counter this, they need a plan that is not grandiose but immediately actionable – 90 days not 3 years. 

Roller Blade Whenever 

Break the norms, change the rules. We are in unprecedented times. John talked about coming across a mother and her young son roller-blading in the morning hours mid-week. This exemplifies “breaking the norms” – a workday and school day, but now we work and learn from home. Thanks to COVID, where the so-called new normal isn’t fully determined, it’s OK to break a few rules. Have some fun, and live life fully.

Interested? Watch the presentation replay to learn more! 

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