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Learn Why a New Client Should Choose YOU

NexGen – 45-Minute Business Brief
Speaker:  Bruce La Fetra – Managing Partner and Growth Strategist, Eastwood Strategy Advisors

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Think Like a Client Handout
Why. Should a Client Choose You Summary


Our guest speaker Bruce La Fetra (aka, the Client Whisperer) describes how to reverse engineer your marketing approach from the customer’s point of view.  

My top takeaways:

  • A simple lesson that makes your marketing far more effective.
  • How to connect faster and deeper with prospects using basic neuroscience.
  • How to think like your clients by asking yourself one question.

Client Don’t Care About You

What do clients care about? How you can help them achieve their goals. And to do so, you need to think like your clients. This means developing a different mindset in order to secure an emotional connection as early as possible.

Enlist Your Best Clients

Use your best clients – the ones you would clone if you could – to learn about yourself and why your service is valued. You won’t get honest input from vendors, industry experts or prospects. To identify practical and actionable insights you need to talk to real clients.  This is the key part of the reverse engineering process.

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Data Privacy Laws Go Beyond Websites

NexGen – 45-Minute Business Brief
Speaker: Heather AntoineTrademark and Privacy Partner at Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP



Our guest speaker Heather Antoine is an attorney and expert on digital privacy.  At our webinar on September 18, she discussed the perilous importance of understanding and being proactive about online privacy regulations.  

My top takeaways:

Think Globally

It’s too easy and dangerously short-sighted to think of data privacy as just about your website and the data being collected there.  Instead, think beyond the internet – look at the data coming into the company by other transactions. Think globally so you know where your data is flowing to and from worldwide.   

Educate Yourself Immediately

There’s yet another California proposition winding its way to our ballots in November. California Proposition 24 (the Consumer Personal Information Law and Agency Initiative) may not be fully ready for enactment, and as such, would negatively impact small- and medium-sized business owners. Read up now!

When in Doubt, Go Broad

There is an alphabet soup of regulations designed to protect consumer data. For companies doing business with consumers in the EU, there is GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.  In addition to the CCPA — California Consumer Privacy Act – there are several other states with data protection policies. Trying to navigate all of those is next to impossible. The safest route is to choose and comply with the most comprehensive law, which is currently GDPR.

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How to Recruit the Best Technical Talent in the COVID Era

NexGen – 45-Minute Business Brief

Speaker: Joe Van Tassel – LinkedIn
Integress – Engineering & Technical Recruiter
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The Takeaways
– What are the top candidates looking for?
– How do you find the RIGHT candidates?
– How has COVID effected recruiting?
-What makes your company more competitive

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