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Leading Through Change

Jeffrey D. McCausland, Ph.D.  Colonel, US Army (retired)

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Our guest speaker Jeff McCausland, CEO of Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy, discusses organizational culture and the impact of implicit assumptions among members of the organization. A master storyteller, Jeff uses real-world examples and compelling quotations to demonstrate how to create a climate for change that will “stick” over time.

My top takeaways:

Two strategies that guarantee failure

For leaders and business owners, there are two “deadly” assumptions in the world today. One is that the pandemic will go away soon enough and the new environment won’t be different. The second, and possibly worse, is that the best strategy is to have none until the new environment is known.

Strategic leaders know how to influence culture

Why is culture important to leaders? Four reasons. A healthy and genuine culture gives organization members identity, facilitates collective commitment, promotes social system stability, and shapes behavior by helping members make sense of their surroundings.  

Modifying culture through change

Culture doesn’t change because of our desire to do so. Culture changes through organizational transformation. While crisis provides an immediate need for change, it is still all-important to do so with essential ingredients such as securing buy-in from the appropriate people, looking for the early, easy wins, and sustaining the right level of urgency.

Change is hard. Now what?

There are many obstacles to change. Why is it so hard? And why does it fail so often? Among the several reasons that Jeff discusses, the lack of change agents is a common misstep. What’s needed is a powerful guiding coalition. Without organization members who understand, support, and actively promote the change, the effort is likely doomed.

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Digital Marketing in the COVID Era

Speaker: Hema Dey, Iffel International Inc.


Our guest speaker Hema Dey, an expert on SEO marketing and sales, joined me in a hearty discussion of how companies must rethink their business and marketing strategies in the rapidly changing, COVID-induced market.

Tom’s key takeaways:

Changing times demand new strategies

What’s chaos for some can be opportunities for others. Or, in the words of Winston Churchill: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Companies that are growing sales, even in the current COVID era, are urgently rethinking their business strategies and re-assessing their customers’ new realities. They are learning how to use empathy in marketing strategies that are increasingly digital in nature.

From e-nothing to e-everything

E-commerce is taking off. Companies that aren’t already visible on electronic platforms may be left behind as the world moves to digital. Companies in industries like e-security, e-learning, and e-health are growing in today’s COVID environment.

Think small, like the size of an ingrown toenail

Now, more than ever, companies need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to successfully market products and services. Using storytelling, Hema shared how her team devised a laser-focused digital content strategy for a California physician, taking her new business from zero prospects to a growing business. For the back story, you need to watch the meeting replay. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Q&A topics

  • Given the current market changes mean our prior analysis is no longer valid, where do we start?
  • What are trends in the area of new, emerging software and tools?
  • What are the best systems of tracking SEO to sales?

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