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Step 2: Pivot With Purpose

Speaker: Jim Davis — author of Sacred Leadership


Our guest speaker Jim Davis, former public school superintendent and author of the book “Sacred Leadership,” talks about key factors needed to successfully pivot with purpose.

Tom’s key takeaways:

Do the right thing

Now, more than ever, it’s all-important to “do the right thing” – in particular for your employees. They are watching and will return your loyalty. Gone are the days of seeing employees as “disposable.” See your employees as the “source” of your success. The story of Best Buy is one example, something the Best Buy CEO calls “leading with a noble purpose.”

Remote productivity

Business owners are anticipating, with considerable concern, a future that does not have all employees co-located. Factors include how to retain if not increase productivity, collaboration, and mentoring.

Benefits of purpose

Employees want more than profit. Millennials in particular place high value on companies that purpose-driven. With this in mind, explore how your purpose and that of your employees fit with the purpose of the company. If you can bring purpose along with the pivot – authentically — you will build a more successful company for today and for the future.

Watch the complete video

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Step 1- Get out of the muck

Speaker: Carol Marzouk, or the Executive Lion Tamer®


Our guest speaker Carol Marzouk, also known as the executive lion tamer, described approaches she has used with clients who find themselves “stuck in the muck.”  She relayed her own personal journey from an executive in the corporate world, to a successful coach, mentor, and motivator.

Tom’s key takeaways:

Don’t fear the fear

Rather than live in the house of fear and doubt, make the choice to live in the house of strength and power. This is possible. An important first step is to envision your worst-case scenario and work from there.

3-Step Process

Carol described three steps to enable a successful pivot to a better future, starting with a “brain shock” and ending with a series of activities that build toward taking action.

What’s your currency?

It’s all-important to stay accountable. Carol shared several techniques, including giving away money (“an amount that hurts”) to someone you trust, who will keep it safe. As you reach milestones, that person gives you a portion back.  If you fail, you don’t get the money back.  

Interested? see the PowerPoint presentation to learn more! 

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Growing Reliance on Internet Brings Focus to Digital Accessibility, Part 2

Speaker: Rachelle Golden,  Associate Attorney of Hatmaker Law Group


Our guest speaker Rachelle Golden of the Hatmaker Law Group is an expert on proactive ADA compliance strategies. In the first of a series on this topic, she described the federal and state regulations that apply to website accessibility. She also outlined the financial implications of not being fully compliant.

In this second part, Rachelle goes deep into digital accommodations and how to protect companies from potential lawsuits for non-compliance with Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA/2.1 standards.

Please contact me if we can help on the marketing side!

Tom’s key takeaways:

Common barriers

There are four web experiences to strive for: perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. Your web developers can eliminate the known barriers to providing those experiences. 

Website audit options

There are two approaches to website audits: live manual and automated. The automated audit has limited, short-term value (and several serious pitfalls). A live automated audit is vastly preferred for robust compliance and long-term maintenance. When selecting a vendor, there are 10 questions to ask. Chief of among is to make sure the vendor is absolutely familiar with the new WCAG 2.1 standards. (For the full list, watch the replay.)

COVID just raised the stakes

Accessibility needs to be part of how we do business. In the COVID era, more people are working and searching online. An estimated 25% of that increase can be people with disabilities.

Don’t be intimated

The enormity of the challenge to bring a website into full WCAG compliance can seem daunting. Don’t be intimidated. First efforts do not need to be perfect, but can help show your intent to accommodate all customers. For example, at a minimum, start with an automated audit tool to give you a cursory review, while planning your strategy for an end-to-end upgrade and ongoing maintenance. Also, during the planning phase, be sure to post an accessibility statement on your site landing page regarding your intentions for further improvements.

Q&A sampling

A handful of questions that Rachelle answered:

  • How to respond to a demand from a lawyer regarding ADA access?
  • Can you be legally responsible for third-party service providers being WCAG compliant?    
  • Will Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage cover my company?
  • Other than medical and government space, what other business types are required to be compliant by law?   
  • What about a website that only tells the company’s story – more like a blog post that doesn’t exchange commerce. Am I bound by these same guidelines? 
  • Where should an accessibility statement be posted?   

Watch the replay for full details. 

Link to PowerPoint Prestations coming soon

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