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Is your Social Media strategy killing your customers ?

Companies are paying big bucks to Social Media consultants and services who are overexposing their business and turning customers off.  Filling up the email box of a prized customer with useless and unwanted information does not endear them. The customer’s natural response is to turn them off!

For the first time in its short history FACEBOOK usage is on the declinePeople are un-linking business pages. They are becoming skeptical and jaded because of its over-use. The public is getting wise to the fact that some businesses “game” the system to their advantage. Read more about this topic here: “Are we killing our customers with engagement?”

Make your SM strategy about your client… not you!
Social Media is not bad… just misused. Proper use will gain new customers and expand your brand. It will keep your customers up-to-date and informed. It is friendly, compelling, and personal — not pushy, second-hand, deceptive, or abrasive.

Social Media has many forms and choosing the right one for your client is critical. Not every Social Media tool will work for every business. However, businesses and customers want and need a marketing tool that allows real-time – two way conversations. Moreover, effective Social Media marketing will improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will result in higher page ranking on Google and Yahoo.

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