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I was born to help businesses on the web.

For twenty seven years I worked in a family business my grandfather started called Reynolds Printasign Co. We manufactured and sold internationally machines that made Point of Purchase (POP) signs. Our motto was “Nothing reads easier than type.” Our equipment gave typeset quality to signs and presentations using typewriter technique. It was the state-of-the-art from 1929-1984.

To sell our machines we had to convince retailers that good signs sell merchandise. Once sold, to insure results, we then taught the retailer’s staff how to write effective sign copy.

Below is an excerpt from a brochure my father wrote in 1966 (I was in the sixth grade). What you will read is also good advice on why to have a website and how to write web or social media content. Just replace the word “sign” with “website” and add several zeros after any number.

Dad wrote:

Whether You Are Selling Ideas or Products
Make it Graphic

  • To move ideas or products you must first move people
  • Good graphic presentation maintains the image you have worked hard to create
  • Visual communication is efficient… Twenty people at a time can read a sign or presentation
  • Remember that a “visual” is never too tired or too busy to tell, to sell, to inform, to direct
  • Copy well thought out will lead the reader your way
  • People don’t think with their “thinkers” they think with theirĀ  “feelers” – their emotions
  • “Who me?” and “Why?” are questions your prospect has a right to ask – and you MUST answer
  • Remember, the reader is interested in the reader
  • The answer to what motivates people is “What makes people people?”
  • Retailers: a sign sells efficiently 40, 50, 70 hours a week at a cost of pennies.

Another thing my father said was that our society is suffering from information overload and how important “a tight, well-engineered message” can be. Here is a great video on information overload today.

My favorite line:
“If you have the same problem for a long time, perhaps it’s not a problem; perhaps it’s a fact.”

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