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Website Redesign… Where to start?

The best source of leads for your company is your website. Everyone has one… but is it doing all it can for your business?

  • When is the right time to redesign your website?
  • What should be considered?

Basic questions about your website:

  • Is your website being found?
  • How many visitors convert to leads?
  • Can you analyze or measure your success?

How it should work:

  • Your website should get traffic equal to or greater than your competition.
  • Your website should be ranked on the first page of Google Search for critical keyword or phrases.
  • Your branding and content should separate the qualified visitors from the unqualified visitors.
  • Qualified visitors clearly know what to do next and easily contact you.
  • Making regular changes to site should be fast and easy.
  • There are simple tools in place to measure your website’s effectiveness.

Six tips for Redesigning your website:

  • List what your customers want from your website.
  • Create measurable goals for your website.
  • Audit what works now on your website and protect it.
  • Spend more on content than beautiful designs.
  • Make it easy and cost-effective to make changes and run marketing experiments on your website.
  • Have a few web activities you analyze consistently.

Don’t redesign just because you like change or think it is time. Get some facts and then make a decision. If you want to begin the process of redesigning your website, email me your URL at for a free website analysis report.

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