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Marketing starts with a question and ends with clear intentions

The sales process starts with your client asking a question: “Where can I find,” “How do I” or “I need help to do X.” So before you build a website, create a flier or write an ad ask yourself what does my customer want or need that I provide. Create your message from their prospective, their questions and their desires… not yours.

Next, match your goals with theirs. Your goals may include: increasing sales, generating leads or improving visibility. Your customers goals may include: improved safety, greater reliability, more economy, increased knowledge or maximum speed.  To reach your goal means achieving their goals first. Successful businesses go further faster when they are customer centric.

Finally, tell it like it is! Be upfront about what you want the customer to do. Burying your intentions at the bottom of the page, not stating exactly what you want or assuming they know what you mean will not get the action you desire.  It is not pushy to be clear and direct.  As my dad use to say, “There is no such thing as hard sell or soft sell… just smart sell or dumb sell.”

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