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Sales manager 101

When I was young, and cutting my teeth in sales, I noticed something…When the boss came to my sales territory, sales went up. Was it me or the boss…? I say me because it forced me to do my job more thoughtfully. I planned and organized better and was forced out of my routine. I wanted to impress management so I made sure we made only good sales calls.

I also enjoyed the one-on-one time with the boss; it was great to learn more about the company and share ideas as well as watch how he sold. When I moved into management, I saw other good salesmen act the same way. If they didn’t, I took it as a warning sign of a bigger problem.

As a leader, if you want to make things happen get out in the field and travel with your sales reps or dealers. The good ones will welcome it and you will help them close more business. Moreover, you will learn first-hand what is really going on “out there.”

Finally, when you are with the rep, be excited about your product. (It is shocking how often people forget this!) Before the call, review with the salesperson the important benefits of your product, or service, that is unique to that customer. Think of questions to ask during the call that relate to those benefits. Let your rep respond to the answers. Make mental notes during the presentation about the sales call. Once you are away from the customer’s business, review your notes in an encouraging way – beginning with what went right.

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