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Digital Marketing in the COVID Era

Speaker: Hema Dey, Iffel International Inc.


Our guest speaker Hema Dey, an expert on SEO marketing and sales, joined me in a hearty discussion of how companies must rethink their business and marketing strategies in the rapidly changing, COVID-induced market.

Tom’s key takeaways:

Changing times demand new strategies

What’s chaos for some can be opportunities for others. Or, in the words of Winston Churchill: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Companies that are growing sales, even in the current COVID era, are urgently rethinking their business strategies and re-assessing their customers’ new realities. They are learning how to use empathy in marketing strategies that are increasingly digital in nature.

From e-nothing to e-everything

E-commerce is taking off. Companies that aren’t already visible on electronic platforms may be left behind as the world moves to digital. Companies in industries like e-security, e-learning, and e-health are growing in today’s COVID environment.

Think small, like the size of an ingrown toenail

Now, more than ever, companies need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to successfully market products and services. Using storytelling, Hema shared how her team devised a laser-focused digital content strategy for a California physician, taking her new business from zero prospects to a growing business. For the back story, you need to watch the meeting replay. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Q&A topics

  • Given the current market changes mean our prior analysis is no longer valid, where do we start?
  • What are trends in the area of new, emerging software and tools?
  • What are the best systems of tracking SEO to sales?

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Growing Reliance on Internet Brings Focus to Digital Accessibility, Part 2

Speaker: Rachelle Golden,  Associate Attorney of Hatmaker Law Group


Our guest speaker Rachelle Golden of the Hatmaker Law Group is an expert on proactive ADA compliance strategies. In the first of a series on this topic, she described the federal and state regulations that apply to website accessibility. She also outlined the financial implications of not being fully compliant.

In this second part, Rachelle goes deep into digital accommodations and how to protect companies from potential lawsuits for non-compliance with Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA/2.1 standards.

Please contact me if we can help on the marketing side!

Tom’s key takeaways:

Common barriers

There are four web experiences to strive for: perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. Your web developers can eliminate the known barriers to providing those experiences. 

Website audit options

There are two approaches to website audits: live manual and automated. The automated audit has limited, short-term value (and several serious pitfalls). A live automated audit is vastly preferred for robust compliance and long-term maintenance. When selecting a vendor, there are 10 questions to ask. Chief of among is to make sure the vendor is absolutely familiar with the new WCAG 2.1 standards. (For the full list, watch the replay.)

COVID just raised the stakes

Accessibility needs to be part of how we do business. In the COVID era, more people are working and searching online. An estimated 25% of that increase can be people with disabilities.

Don’t be intimated

The enormity of the challenge to bring a website into full WCAG compliance can seem daunting. Don’t be intimidated. First efforts do not need to be perfect, but can help show your intent to accommodate all customers. For example, at a minimum, start with an automated audit tool to give you a cursory review, while planning your strategy for an end-to-end upgrade and ongoing maintenance. Also, during the planning phase, be sure to post an accessibility statement on your site landing page regarding your intentions for further improvements.

Q&A sampling

A handful of questions that Rachelle answered:

  • How to respond to a demand from a lawyer regarding ADA access?
  • Can you be legally responsible for third-party service providers being WCAG compliant?    
  • Will Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage cover my company?
  • Other than medical and government space, what other business types are required to be compliant by law?   
  • What about a website that only tells the company’s story – more like a blog post that doesn’t exchange commerce. Am I bound by these same guidelines? 
  • Where should an accessibility statement be posted?   

Watch the replay for full details. 

Link to PowerPoint Prestations coming soon

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Growing Reliance on the Internet Brings Focus to Digital Accessibility

Speaker: Rachelle Golden,  Associate Attorney of Hatmaker Law Group


Our guest speaker Rachelle Golden of the Hatmaker Law Group is an expert on proactive ADA compliance strategies. In the first of a series on this topic, she described the federal and state regulations that apply to website accessibility. She also outlined the financial implications of not being fully compliant.

Tom’s key takeaways:

Now, More than Ever

Even in a healthy economy, “predatory lawsuits” and well-intended lawsuits concerning the poor website and mobile-device accessibility can wipe out a business. In the current economy, where businesses cannot afford additional expenses, it’s even more important to preserve and invest in business and mobile applications, also reducing the risk of litigation.

Website Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers technological aids such as websites and mobile devices.  The Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA/2.1 are not law, but guidance for how to accommodate auditory and cognitive disabilities, speech impairment, and others. The guidelines touch on areas including website code to ensure compatibility with screen-reading software.

Start Now!

Business owners – no matter the size – should be considering how to ensure full access to their online sites. As you do so, consider posting an “Under Construction” notice that explains you are working to improve the site so that everyone can access it. But that in the meantime, visit our page on Facebook.  Facebook and YouTube sites are compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA/2.1.

More to Come

Rochelle will continue the discussion at a second session Thursday, May 28, 2020.

Watch the video

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Marketing your company without SEO2Sales and Smarketing Is like smiling in the dark – you know what you are doing but no one else does

SEO2Sales spotlights the most profitable products, delivering a Go-To-Market plan to grow sales up to 20%.

Selling and Marketing Go Hand in Hand.
That is why we call it Smarketing. We use a proven formula that consistently delivers more leads and profitable sales through an informed, focused marketing and sales effort.

The Secret Weapon – Profit-to-Sales Analysis
SEO2Sales takes sales to a new level by leveraging Google and information about your business, customers, and competition to build a Go-To-Market plan. The key is our Profit-to-Sales Analysis that helps clients target the products or services that are most profitable and have the highest potential for growth. There is no waiting for results if there is demand. 

We call this identifying your ingrown toenail. (Call me to explain! It’s a great example of how SEO2Sales made a recent client’s phone ring off the hook and enjoy amazing revenue growth.)

What Is the Formula?
It begins by knowing the “who, what and why” of your business. It focuses precious marketing dollars on the most profitable product(s) or service(s). Your website gets a tuneup so it ranks higher on Google Search. We create a unique Go-To-Market plan to generate new and better leads. Finally, we “secret shop” so when the phone rings, the team is ready to turn the new leads into sales. SEO2Sales is an end-to-end solution.

From a SEO2Sales to Smarketing strategy and coaching or a new website, collateral, graphic design, and a Go-To-Market plan, The Reynolds Group is committed to growing your bottom line today.

Call us to help find your ingrown toenail!!

All the best

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Throughout time people have loved a good story. The best are built using the three pillars of storytelling which Aristotle diagramed thousands of years ago. A memorable tale has credibility, logic, and most importantly, emotion. Emotion is what engages the audience.
In sales and marketing, appeal to a person’s emotions, and you will engage them for life. Do you know your client’s story well enough to tap their emotions?
Look at all your marketing material. Think about how you introduce yourself in public, your written short Bio or “About Us” page. Are you presenting your resume, capabilities, history, and testimonials? Or, are you first appealing to your best prospects emotions, like happiness, security, reducing stress, safety, health, or personal growth?
Logic and credibility are important because they are the foundational elements of any good relationship. They build trust and respect. However, appealing to their emotional side first propels them to the trust and respect phase.
Solutions fix things, but outcomes create change. People buy when they need something different to happen. Creating the right change ignites emotion and action. Clients pay more for better outcomes.
Today we “GOOGLE” to find a solution, and it provides lots of them. When they locate your business, does your website (or other marketing materials) tell a story about better outcomes or are you just selling solutions?
Smarketing is marketing smart because it identifies your best clients and their emotional connection to you. Smarketing is value-driven, clarifying, and moves to action. Done right it will increase sales and/or profits by 20%
Let’s achieve better outcomes, I want to learn about your company’s story and use a proven process to engage both your clients and employees. Let’s spend a little time working on your business. Then when we apply solutions they will accomplish more.
Loyal customers, a secure business that supports your family, happy employees committed to your mission vision and values, and freedom to do the work you enjoy.

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Websites Accessibility and the law

Read an interview with Tom HERE to learn more about web Accessibility 
Listen to Tom’s Podcast HERE to learn more about Web Accessibility
Lawsuits targeting business websites over ADA violations
are on the rise. — SOURCE: LA Times, Nov. 11, 2018
If ADA Title III federal lawsuit numbers continue to be filed at the current pace, 2018’s total will exceed 2017 by 30%, fueled largely by website accessibility lawsuit continued growth.”
The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affects websites, apps, and all other IoT (Internet of Things) applications.
Are you digitally accessible?
Don’t Be Caught Off Guard
All websites in the medical and banking and government space must provide equal access to their websites by law. However, the number of lawsuits targeting the hospitality or retail businesses (e-commerce) is growing. Besides the risk of legal action, there are good business reasons to address equal access compliance.
  • It is excellent PR.
  • It grants you access to a growing market driven by the baby boomers, over 50 million and growing.
  • It is more cost-effective to deal with this compliance issue before you start programming than after
  • If it is not fixed properly the first time, a lawsuit may come back to haunt you!
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
There is no guaranteed defense against an Equal Access lawsuit. The Reynolds Group has partnered with a court-certified auditing company that performs Live-User Audits and Support for websites, digital platforms, native iOS & Android apps and also on the IoT hardware/software integrations.
Live audits are the most reliable approach with the alternative being automated scans. Automated scans cover less than 30% of the WCAG 2.0 AA testing criteria. This very low-reliability rate is partly due to false positives the software flags. A Live-User audit is performed with sighted and blind accessibility engineers that work in teams to do the audits.
The Reynolds Group programmers have also been trained to code and design websites to be accessible. Our goal is the get the process done right the first time.
We can help you with:
    • Third-Party Live-User Audits on new and existing websites
    • Ongoing ADA support and consultation
    • Trained web development teams
    • Full design and marketing expertise
Call us to learn more and watch the VIDEO of a visually impaired person accessing a website… it’s fascinating

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“Business success is 1% vision and 99% alignment” – John Collins

“Business success is 1% vision and 99% alignment”
– John Collins, Good to Great
Smart SMARKETING starts with a robust 5-step process called a Strategic Brief that focuses on your sales/marketing efforts. It increases sales, saves money, reduces stress and brings alignment to your organization. It has a proven track record for success. Download White Paper
Good SMARKETING starts by answering the most basic questions that form the foundation of your business. By aligning those answers in you and your team, reaching any goal is faster and less stressful.
Clients often start marketing conversations with the word: “HOW, CAN or WHAT.” My pat response is “WHY.”
Typical Marketing Questions
  • How do I motivate customers to buy more?
  • Can you build me a new website?
  • What Social Media or Digital Marketing is best?
Without understanding what drives those marketing questions, it is tough to offer the right answer.
For example take: “How do I motivate customers to buy more?”
“WHY?” I ask, and they say...
  • I want to separate myself from the competition.
  • I want a bigger market share.
  • I bought a new machine or have unique expertise.
  • The market is dying.
  • My sales are just flat.
  • I want to sell my business.
These are great reasons, but each requires more information and a different strategy. Download White Paper
The HOW is more straightforward to deliver if the WHY is clear.
The “WHYS” are basic:
  • Why does your business exist?
  • Why should clients care?
  • Why do you do care?
Once this clear, you need a process to get your team, suppliers, and customers on board.

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Smarketing – Marketing Smart

“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of
someone else’s strategy.” ― Alvin Toffler
Start with the end in mind – Franklin Covey
I have been working on more effectively introducing myself. Here it is:
  1. I help manufacturers sell more through strategic “Smarketing”.
  2. It is no longer sales and marketing but “Smarketing”, a combination of both that delivers up to 20% Return On Investment (ROI).
When was the last time you stepped back and thought about your business as it really is today? What is 20% of your business that creates 80% of your income? Where are the threats or opportunities? What should you be focusing on tomorrow?
Like it or not, the way we do business is changing. Ever improving companies like Amazon, UBER, Netflix, Purple Brinks, AirBnB, and YouTube are affecting your customer’s expectations, and what your competition is doing, now and in the future.
To be an effective “Smarketer” I need the client to be clear on who they are and where they are going. It is much easier to move the “sales needle” forward with those two points clear on the map.
We all know strategic thinking is important but often put it off. One excuse is that it takes too much time. My 5-step Strategic Brief takes 3-6 hours over a month’s time. It is a fast, simple and effective way to get started!
This process awakens the sales-generating machine within every business and answers the question “why”, “what” and how” — turning plans into action.

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Is GDPR The End of the Wild Web?

You have been getting emails about GDPR. Those are new laws from the E.U. about the personal information that went in effect on Friday, May 25, 2018. If you have missed them, and are doing business in Europe, call your lawyer now. If you have any concerns about what you have read, call your lawyer now. If not read on.
My opinion is the GDPR is a good thing. With security breaches increasing something needs to be done to protect people. Moreover, with all the Facebook news, and Google tracking our every move, perhaps we do need more controls on our personal information. One thing for sure about the GDPR, there will be more legal jargon added to the world’s privacy policies in the near future and most people will still not read them!
My understanding is that if your company has an online presence such as a website and they have an opt-in (collect emails) for a newsletter, ebook or white-paper and they do NOT specifically exclude E.U. citizens from opting in, then GDPR applies. Do I think you will be caught in the near future… no? DO I think you should think about it sooner than later…yes.
We are working on simple recommendations for our clients to follow (after they show it to a lawyer). They should be ready in the next 30 days. Need help now? We have a legal specialist to talk with… email me and I will send you the name and contact information.
The U.S. will have stronger laws like the GDPR soon. At a minimum, you should update your privacy policy and be sure you are following through on whatever it says
It will be complicated for US companies doing business in Europe – But it may be a good first step for needed controls.

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Is Your Website Relevant?

Is Your Website Relevant?
Your business has changed, do your customers know that?
Open your website. Does it shout today or yesterday? How does it look? Was it built in the Obama Era? How well does it connect, is it easy to navigate on a smartphone? Are you being found by new clients or relying on the old ones to keep the doors open? There are so many reasons why it is essential to be relevant on the internet.
Your website is a window to the world. Not for looking out but for your customers to look in. Is it a picture of what you were a decade ago or now? Do you look sharp, organized progressive and together? Who was the US President the last time you updated your text or pictures?
There is a growing number of people who want to look into your business from their smartphone? On that platform, they can push one button and be connected! Have you addressed them?
What about your marketing message? Does it attract good leads and repel the unqualified ones? Both are important.
Finally, is your website helpful or frustrating to use? 62% of all leads come in through the phone. Is the phone number big and easy to find on your site? Only true love hangs around when frustrated…and that is a rare commodity.
The point is, you checked the box for having a business website, but is it doing more harm than good? Is it selling, creating action, and relevant or turning people off?
Five Questions to answer to determine if your website is relevant
  1. How current are your sales message, text, and pictures? There should be new content added in the last two years, or it’s outdated.
  2. Was your website built before 2015? If yes it is probably not mobile-friendly which means harder to use for 30% of your visitors (and growing!).
  3. Was it built fast and cheap? There should be a marketing strategy behind it!
  4. How do you speak to the customers? Are you telling them what you want them to know or addressing their questions? People are looking for answers and benefits, not lectures.
  5. What do you want your visitors to do? Does the navigation handle both the folks who want to be to hear your sales message as well as the ones in a hurry to get an answer NOW? How many clicks does it take to contact you?
Growing revenue and increasing profit is more than just a handful of efforts, but rather a targeted, precise, aligned set of strategies and objectives executed on your website, the internet and beyond. Let’s work together to make something happen!!!.

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